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Meet our Board of Directors

Hannah Hoag
Hannah Hoag is a freelance journalist based in Toronto. She has Master’s degree in Biology from McGill University and graduated from Boston University with a Master’s in Science and Medical Journalism in 2002. Her writing has appeared in many publications including NatureNew ScientistDiscoverSeed, Wired, Canadian Geographic, Globe and Mail, Toronto StarMontreal Gazette, and the Canadian Medical Association Journal. She has also written for YES Magazine (a kids’ science magazine) and contributed to Free Radicals, a weekly radio program broadcast on CKUT in Montreal.  Hannah served on the board of the Canadian Science Writers’ Association from 2007 to 2012, and has mentored students in science writing at McGill University. She delivers talks on careers in science writing and on better science communication. Hannah blogs at hannahhoag.net and the Science Writer’s Handbook http://pitchpublishprosper.com/

John Dupuis
John Dupuis has been a science and engineering librarian at the Steacie Science and Engineering Library at York University in Toronto since August 2000. John received a B. Comp. Sci. from Concordia University in 1986, after which he worked as a software developer for 12 years before leaving to get his Master of Library and Information Studies degree from McGill University (2000). He blogs at Confessions of a Science Librarian and keeps track of issues in Canadian science policy on Tumblr. His research and professional interests include the future of academic libraries, open access advocacy, scholarly communications in computer science, and Canadian science policy.

Chris Buddle
Chris Buddle is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean at McGill University’s Macdonald Campus. His research program is centered on understanding patterns of insect and spider biodiversity, with a focus on Arctic ecosystems. He teaches environmental biology students about field biology, ecology and entomology.  Chris is an enthusiastic and devoted science communicator and blogs frequently on McGill’s teaching and learning blog and on his own blog, Expiscor, on SciLogs. He is devoted to science outreach activities, and is always happy to share his passion for science whether it be on the radio, in elementary schools or at an entomology conference.


Meet our Core Team

Secretary: Jenny Ryan   Treasurer: Lisa Willemse

Core Management Team: Kim Moynahan, Sarah Boon & Jenny Ryan

Outreach Team: Theresa Liao, Liz Martin-Silverstone, Kathi Unglert

Technical Team: Theresa Liao

Business Development Team: Mike Spear, Janet Sandor

Membership/Newsletter Team: Jeanne Barry, Tyler Irving, Peggy Muddles, Raymond Nakamura, Pascal Lapointe

Editorial Team: Science Borealis is more than a simple aggregator. Feature story selections and posts on the Science Borealis blog are carefully curated and crafted by members of our editorial team. For more information, or to inquire about joining the editorial team, email: contact@scienceborealis.ca

  • Editorial Manager: Mika McKinnon
  • Blog Editors: Kurt Illerbrun & Kim Morris
  • Editorial Team Coordinator: Crisia Tabacaru
  • Subject editors
    • Biology and Life Sciences: Joelle Thorpe & Catherine Lau
    • Health, Medicine, and Veterinary Science: Lindsay Jolivet & Ainslie Butler
    • Environmental and Earth Science: Sarah Boon & Sri Ray-Chauduri
    • Chemistry: Aini Bhatti
    • Physics and Astronomy: Stephanne Taylor
    • Technology and Engineering: Sri Ray-Chauduri & Nick Mitrousis
    • Mathematics and Statistics: Auriel Fournier
    • Communication, Education and Outreach: Susan Vickers & Alex Chattwood
    • Policy and Politics: Pascal Lapointe & Josh Silberg
    • General Science: Michelle Lavery & Betty Zou
    • Science in Society: Katrina Wong & Robert Gooding-Townsend
    • Multimedia and Science Art: Raymond Nakamura & Liz Martin-Silverstone

Additional members of our founding team:

  • Maryse de la Giroday
  • Stephanne Taylor
  • Mary Seligy


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