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Volkswagen looks to leave the Dieselgate debacle in the dust

VWs over time

Sri Ray-Chauduri, Technology and Engineering Editor  Earlier this year Volkswagen dealers in Canada and the US began selling retrofitted updates […]

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Herding Hemingway’s Cats

                                                  Kat Arney calls herself “The Nigella of Science” on her Twitter profile. I don’t spend a lot of time on the Food Channel, but I do like science. And Kat Arney’s book Herding Hemingway’s Cats, subtitled Understanding How Our Genes Work promised to be an interesting read when I spotted it. Genes: how they work and how they are regulated? Is it methyl groups? What role…

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La seule présence de votre téléphone intelligent près de vous affecte vos capacités cognitives

Ce n’est pas d’hier que des philosophes des sciences cognitives comme Andy Clark disent que nos capacités cognitives ne sont pas situées que « dans notre tête »; elles « fuient » littéralement dans notre environnement. C’est l’idée de la « cognition étendue » que Clark et d’autres ont lancé dans les années 1990 et dont le degré d’étendu, si l’on peut dire, continue aujourd’hui d’être débattu. Il est en en effet assez facile de…

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A nano fabrication technique used to create next generation heart valve

I am going to have take the researchers’ word that these somehow lead to healthy heart valve tissue, In rotary jet spinning technology, a rotating nozzle extrudes a solution of extracellular matrix (ECM) into nanofibers that wrap themselves around heart valve-shaped mandrels. By using a series of mandrels with different sizes, the manufacturing process becomes fully scalable and is able to provide JetValves for all age groups and heart sizes. Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard…

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The Significance of the Flocculus in Archosauria

With advancements in computed tomography (CT) scanning comes an increased understanding of the internal structures preserved in extant and extinct animals, providing a non-destructive way of peering into the bones and revealing their secrets. Along with this month’s publication on extensive rostral neurovasculature in the carcharodontosaurian Neovenator, comes the CT scanning of the braincase of a distantly related theropod, Viavenator exxoni. What interested me in this paper on Viavenator, discovered last year in 84 million…

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Image Data Resource

Much of the published research in the life sciences is based on image data sets that sample 3D space, time and the spectral characteristics of detected signal to provide quantitative measures of cell, tissue and organismal processes and structures. The sheer size of biological image data sets makes data submission, handling and publication challenging. An image-based genome-wide 'high-content' screen (HCS) may contain more than 1 million images, and new 'virtual slide' and 'light sheet' tissue…

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Big Pharma is Not Suppressing the Cure for Cancer

Lately my Facebook feed has filled up with memes and videos about miracle cures for cancer that THEY don’t want you to know about. I’ve avoided commenting on them, because I don’t want to offend my friends, but every time I see one of these things, I spontaneously combust. Look, I get it. I lost my mother to cancer in 2009, two days before her 56th birthday. I have lived the rollercoaster of pain and…

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