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Melding art and science for PTSD treatments 


By Catherine Lau, Biology and Life Sciences Co-editor It’s happening again. You are reliving that moment in your head and […]

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#444 The V-Word (Rebroadcast)

This week, we're looking at the social and biological science of female sex organs. We'll talk to Dr. Anthony Atala, director of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Institute for Regenerative Medicine, about the creation and use of lab-grown vaginas. Biology professor Marie Herberstein exposes the bias against female genitalia in scientific studies. And science writer Emily Anthes tells us about the history and promising future of female condoms. 

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Can You Make An Object Pretend It Has Less Mass Than It Does?

“Speed can make objects act as if they have more mass, but can you ever make an object appear to have less mass?”It’s true that speeding an object up to considerable fractions of the speed of light will make things behave like they are more massive than they do when they’re moving at slower, more human, speeds. But going the other direction is not…Read the full article on Forbes!Remember to vote for Astroquizzical, which has…

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New Province, New Adventures

So I live in Ontario now. It’s not a whole lot different yet, probably because I spend 90% of my time in the house and when I leave, it’s for Home Depot or groceries. Because new houses need curtain rods and shelving, and, well, there is only so long a person with food allergies can survive on even the most well-researched take out. Last weekend, though, Tech Support and I decided it was time to…

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Lock-In for Love

You can help the animals at the BC SPCA Maple Ridge by donating to Lock-In for Love.The animals are getting worried.On Sunday, October 22nd, staff, volunteers and local celebrities will be locked into kennels with a furry friend.They have to raise bail money to get out.All of the funds raised will help the BC SPCA Maple Ridge.But what if they don’t raise bail? The animals are worried their dinners may be late…You can help now…

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Vampire nanogenerators: 2017

Researchers have been working on ways to harvest energy from bloodstreams. I last wrote about this type of research in an April 3, 2009 posting about ‘vampire batteries ‘(for use in pacemakers). The latest work according to a Sept. 8, 2017 news item on Nanowerk comes from China, Men build dams and huge turbines to turn the energy of waterfalls and tides into electricity. To produce hydropower on a much smaller scale, Chinese scientists have…

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The norm and simple solutions

Last time I wrote about different ways of calculating distance in a vector space — say, a two-dimensional Euclidean plane like the streets of Portland, Oregon. I showed three ways to reckon the distance, or norm, between two points (i.e. vectors). As a reminder, using the distance between points u and v on the map below this time:$$ \|\mathbf{u} - \mathbf{v}\|_1 = |u_x - v_x| + |u_y - v_y| $$$$ \|\mathbf{u} - \mathbf{v}\|_2 = \sqrt{(u_x - v_x)^2…

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