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Elizabeth Arden: More Than Just a Beauty Maven

 By Connie Tang, Chemistry Co-Editor Elizabeth Arden is an international beauty and cosmetics brand that was founded in 1910. The […]

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Energy as an enabler: University of Waterloo expert brings affordable, green energy to those who need it most

University of Waterloo sustainable energy expert Jatin Nathwani says the fact more than a billion people have no access to electricity is an injustice. He means to set things right. (Courtesy: University of Waterloo) Every second Thursday, we will be featuring an Ontario Research Chair (ORC) from one of the province’s universities. ORCs are university research professorships, created to drive provincial research and develop excellence, to create world-class centres of research, and to enhance Ontario’s competitiveness…

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How to Keep Your Research Out of Fake Journals and Scam Conferences

By Erin Zimmerman, Ph.D. “Scientific literacy must include the ability to recognize publishing fraud.” – Jeffrey Beall, Nature (2012) 489(7415):179 By the time you reach the point in your career when you're deciding which journals your work gets submitted to, you've probably at least heard the risks associated with predatory publishers. But as the scams get ever more convincing, it's important to fully educate yourself. Predatory publishers present themselves as legitimate journals, claiming to provide peer review…

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How Beneficial is IV Vitamin Therapy?

I did a quick TV spot for City News in Toronto about the growing trend of IV vitamin therapy. You can watch the video here: The interview was based on an article I had written for the Montreal Gazette about 2 years ago.  You can read the original article here: *********************************************************************************************************** There is a new fad that has wormed its way into Canada from south of the border. The intravenous vitamin industry has found its…

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