Reflections: 100 Voices for Canadian Science Communication

Reflections: 100 Voices for Canadian Science Communication is now live! Check out the launch here, or follow #SciComm100 on FaceBook or Twitter for daily updates!


What does science communication mean to you? Why do you value science communication? How do you see Canadian science communication evolving in the future?

We’re asking 100 Canadians from the science communication community (scientists, journalists, policy makers, communications specialists, government leaders, artists) to share with us a brief statement of their vision of science communication in Canada. This project is in partnership with Agence Science-Presse, who have already begun work on a parallel effort focusing on French-language communicators (#100LaScience).

We’re crafting this campaign with easy sharing in mind. Community members’ statements will include an illustration of the featured individual, along with their quote (~50 words) about science communication. These vignettes will be collated on the Science Borealis website and shared across all of our social media platforms daily, starting in September (50 days).

We’re also considering two long-form posts to both introduce and summarize the project, and to more thoroughly explore the Canadian science communication landscape – particularly the effect of scicomm on culture and policy and vice versa.

Our hope is to provide a broad view of the Canadian science communication landscape, open a conversation around Canadian science communication, and deepen readers’ appreciation of the importance of delivering accurate and engaging scientific information.



1. We need a small army of volunteers:

  • Volunteers to help us reach out to individuals, get them excited about participating, and collect their statements.
  • Artists to volunteer to sketch portraits of each contributor to accompany the quote. (see above) Note: we’ll be including credits and linkbacks for all illustrations.
  • Please get in touch at if you’re interested in volunteering. Even if you don’t have time, your friends might – please help spread the word to potential volunteers!

2. We need you to help spread the word once the project gets underway, via the hashtag #SciComm100!

We hope you’ll join us in traversing the Canadian sci-comm landscape, seeking new ideas and fresh voices, and re-imagining the future of Canadian science communication!


Science Borealis is a not-for-profit corporation under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP Act). We are an all-volunteer organization.