Blog: Quirks and Quarks

This week on Quirks and Quarks on CBC Radio – guest host = ME!!!


Yes, for some crazy reason the powers that be at CBC have invited me to sit in the biggest science chair in the land, the one occupied by Bob McDonald every week on national radio. 


I think I'm nervous, but it's hard to say because I really don't know what to be nervous about.  I'm not interviewing any Nobel Prize winners or science idols, at least I don't think.  I'm not sure what it means to be truly good at radio other than to be curious, have a little fun and throw in a 'wow, that's cool' or two when I'm chatting.


I really love science, I love talking about all sorts of topics and I hope that translates.  The topics on the radar this week – piezoelectrics, falcon hunting and a little bit of weather on brown dwarfs.  There are a few other stories we are chasing but I'll leave a bit of mystery for you to tune into the show.


Should I bill it as "Listen as Torah does a faceplant on national radio"?  Or "Torah takes over the airwaves"…..only time will tell.