Edmonton’s Lego Bike Videos Win Award

Are you familiar with the bike videos that the City of Edmonton made last year? The ones with Lego characters explaining to both drivers and cyclists how to handle the cycling infrastructure that has been recently developed by the city. If not, you have to check them out, they’re fantastic. I’ve included my personal favourite – Coaching Corners – above.

Because of these videos the City of Edmonton was awarded the Transportation Safety Council award this afternoon at the ITE Conference being held in Seattle. A friend of mine, Tyler Golly, was there to accept the award on behalf of the City. He even tweeted a picture of the award.

Watching the videos you can tell just how much everyone involved in the project cared, it’s obvious in the quality of the final product. Certainly a well deserved award. And now that the City’s got a safety award maybe we can get a few more kilometres of bike lanes. Maybe.