Talking About the Photo Radar

For the last few months photo radar has been a recurring topic in Edmonton. This is something I haven’t touched on here, not because I don’t have an opinion, I most certainly do, but because every time I’ve sat down and tried to write something about it I’ve become frustrated by the sheer volume of misinformation that exists on the subject. That frustration translates into a final product that I’m not happy about, and so I don’t end up posting anything.

But with an online petition calling for an end to photo radar in Edmonton now with more than 19,000 signatures the topic is once again getting some attention and I was asked to do an interview on Alberta Primetime yesterday to talk about it. I’ll post some more in the next few days about photo radar and why/how I feel that it can be a useful tool, but in the meantime checkout the segment on the Alberta Primetime website.

And yes, I know that I look fat, but the camera adds ten pounds.