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Pinned: How natural history museums bridge research gaps in space and time

Photo by Alex Proimos

Kris Cu, New Science Communicator Jayme Lewthwaite, a PhD candidate who studies evolutionary biology at Simon Fraser University, enters the […]

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Necessary Background

If you go to a basketball game, it may take you a few minutes to understand the rules, but pretty quickly you will figure out what’s happening. Sure, there might be niche rules here and there that leave you baffled, but you can still follow along. Furthermore, you don’t have to be an expert at basketball in order to enjoy watching others play. Unfortunately, this isn’t the view people take of mathematics and science. Often,…

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Centre for Innovation scientist recognized for his contributions to the field of cryobiology

Centre for Innovation scientist recognized for his contributions to the field of cryobiology Transplantation Organs and Tissues Plasma Stem Cells Transfusion Blood Thursday, September 19, 2019 Dr. Geraldine Walsh Centre for Innovation scientist Dr. Jason Acker was recently inducted as a Fellow of the Society for Cryobiology, a prestigious international award that recognizes individuals who have had an exemplary impact on the field of cryobiology. Congratulations to Dr. Acker, who received this award over the…

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Colo(u)r-changing building surfaces thanks to gold nanoparticles

Gold, at the nanoscale, has different properties than it has at the macroscale and research at the University of Cambridge has found a new way to exploit gold’s unique properties at the nanoscale according to a May 13, 2019 news item item on ScienceDaily, The smallest pixels yet created — a million times smaller than those in smartphones, made by trapping particles of light under tiny rocks of gold — could be used for new…

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UN Mountain Partnership in Science Magazine: Now is the time to accelerate mountain policies, strategies and actions

Science Magazine recently released a special issue on mountains exploring the latest research related to climate change, biodiversity, mountain peoples and alpine rivers. The Canadian Mountain Network is a proud member of the United Nations (UN) Mountain Partnership and the Partnership’s Coordinator Yuka Makino is the lead author of one article in the issue. The Mountain Partnership is a UN voluntary alliance dedicated to improving the lives of mountain peoples and protecting mountain environments around…

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Quelques éléments du portrait de la nouvelle société qui se dessine

Je pensais bien que j’allais pouvoir enfin faire une différence. Mon premier objectif en devenant Commissaire au développement durable  en 2007 était d’entreprendre des démarches (contacts en Alberta, en Nouvelle Écosse et en Californie) pour m’assurer que j’allais pouvoir calculer l’empreinte écologique du Québec et que j’aurais les ressources nécessaires pour le faire. Finalement, cela a pris neuf mois de travail de deux personnes, une comptable et un économiste spécialement recruté. Le travail par le bureau…

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Electronics begone! Enter: the light-based brainlike computing chip

At this point, it’s possible I’m wrong but I think this is the first ‘memristor’ type device (also called a neuromorphic chip) based on light rather than electronics that I’ve featured here on this blog. In other words, it’s not, technically speaking, a memristor but it does have the same properties so it is a neuromorphic chip. Caption: The optical microchips that the researchers are working on developing are about the size of a one-cent…

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Congratulations Nic

Congratulations to Nic Durish, MSc Computer Science student, who was recently announced as the recipient of the 2018/2019 School of Computer Science Teaching Assistant Award. Nic was nominated for his continued contributions to teaching, learning, and leadership in the School. I have had the pleasure of working with Nic for many years now – bothContinue reading "Congratulations Nic"

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