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The calming effects of natural soundscapes

Image by André Cook from Pexels

Jaspreet Sanghera, Biology and Life Sciences editor Birds chirping, wind brushing through treetops, the babble of running water—nature’s music is […]

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A Desperately Needed Vacation

So, how’s everyone doing out there? Frustrated? Exhausted? Burnt out? Yeah. Me too. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m so tired – usually after I realize I’ve been staring into the middle distance for an unknown number of minutes while my brain was temporarily out of service. Then I realized that it’s been a really, really busy 18 months over here:  I launched The Boreal Forest.  I planned two book tours – the…

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Right Turn: CCRM celebrates 10 years (and the executives get their groove on!)

CCRM’s first logo, 2011 “There’s a party going on right here, a celebration to last throughout the years, so bring your good times and your laughter too, we gonna celebrate your party with you.” – Kool & The Gang, Eumir Deodato CSO Dr. Peter Zandstra, second from left, with Dr. Michael May, President and CEO, centre, along with CCRM’s first hires June 14, 2021, is the 10-year anniversary of CCRM’s launch. For those of us…

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A Clownfish Comic

 by Raymond NakamuraFinding Nemo maybe an entertaining animated movie about clownfish, but it is not exactly a nature documentary. A recent bit of science news  about clownfish stripes inspired me to make a little comic about them.Unlike the movie, juvenile clownfish do not start out with all their stripes (or bars). They don’t even live with a parent. But they do live among sea anemones, which normally sting and eat other types of fish. Some species of…

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Tip of the hat to Alberta Science Fairs

  On June 10th Jeremy Nixon (UCP Calgary-Klein) rose in the Alberta Legislature to deliver a Members' statement on Alberta Youth Science Fairs. The statement was originally planned for last month, but was delayed when the pandemic forced a pause in the Legislature. Mr. Nixon kept it on his radar and when the Legislature resumed​ we were pleased that he was able to offer his support for Alberta's Youth Science Fairs.   Here is the…

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The Hawaiian Monk Seal – June 2021

Let’s give a big Aloha to our new “whale” of the month, the Hawaiian Monk Seal!  In this post, we will dive into their subtropical home and explore these endangered creatures. Foraging through paradise. Photos credit: Doug Perrine What in the Monk? The monk seal gets its common name from the thick fold of skin around its neck, which resembles a monk’s hood. In addition, the seal lives a solitary lifestyle! This differs significantly from…

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2021 Virtual Meeting of the American Arachnological Society June 24 – July 1

The American Arachnological Society is hosting a Virtual Conference Thursday June 24 – Thursday July 1. A Keynote address by Maydianne Andrade will open the meeting on the evening of the 24th. Program highlights include plenary talks by Mercedes Burns, Lauren Esposito, and Ivan Magalhães; oral and poster presentations; and a panel discussion and workshop on actions to dismantle racism and promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in arachnology. Abstract submission is now closed, but registration (only 20 USD) for the meeting and…

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Sublime—art or nature?

A March 17, 2021 PLOS [Public Library of Science] news release on EurekAlert announced research into people’s experiences of art and nature as represented in virtual reality and on video, An immersive, 360° video of a painting versus a video of the actual location depicted in the painting elicit similar levels of “the sublime,” an experience closely associated with feelings of awe. Alice Chirico of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Italy, and colleagues…

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