Acceptance criteria

We understand that blogging is a very free-form art. Science bloggers tend to write on a wide variety of topics – some science-related, others personal. They may write long in-depth posts, short commentary, reprint brief snippets of recent science news, and/or post photo essays, videos, or original artwork.  They may blog frequently, rarely, or in fits and spurts.

In accepting blogs into our network, the editors are looking at intent: In general, is this an active blog about science that has a Canadian connection?

Must be a Science Blog

  • Blog content is strongly science-based
  • Majority of blog content fits one or more Science Borealis categories
  • Blog does not purvey pseudoscience or anti-science sentiment
  • Blog focus is on real science, not science fiction (sci-fi)

Must have a Canadian connection (one or more of the following)

  • Blogger is geographically located in Canada
  • Blogger is a Canadian located abroad
  • Blogger is located outside of Canada but is blogging primarily about Canadian science topics

Must be active

  • At the time of application, blog must have 3 science-related posts within last 3 months
  • After activation, blogs that are inactive for 6 months will be dropped from the feed

Must contain original content

  • Most blog posts must contain original content written or produced by the blogger
  • Blogs that primarily aggregate or duplicate content from other sources will not be considered
  • Blogs that primarily reprint press releases will not be considered

Must be in English or French


If you think your blog qualifies, apply here!