Support for Science Borealis Users

To register with Science Borealis, click the Login/Register link at the top right of any Science Borealis web page, and select the link at the bottom of the dialogue box for ‘Register’.

Your user name must be all one word in lowercase letters, with no spaces or special characters. Once you register, you cannot change your user name. However, in your user profile, you will be able to choose an alias that will display when you are logged in and when you comment on the site’s blog posts.

Accessing Your User Profile

To access your user profile, click the ‘Visit Admin’ link at the very top right of any page after you’ve logged in. This will take you to the Science Borealis Dashboard. Once inside the Dashboard, go to ‘Profile’. In your user profile, you will be able to

  • Choose an alias that displays when you are logged in to the site
  • Change your password
  • Enter your social media links (if you like)
  • Change your contact email address

Need Help?

For technical problems or questions related to this site, please email