Seeking subject editors for the Science Borealis blog

Interested in writing for one of Canada’s premiere science blog? Science Borealis is looking for science writers to cover the following beats on a regular basis:

  • Communications, Education & Outreach
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Policy & Politics
  • Science in Society
  • Technology & Engineering

Science Borealis subject editors write 4 to 6 articles for publication on the Borealis Blog throughout the year. Many subject areas are covered by two editors, who share responsibilities for researching and writing posts.

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What do subject editors do?

Science Borealis subject editors:

  • write a Borealis Blog post in weekly rotation with the other subject editors (every 9–10 weeks)
  • support each other by taking part in pitch sessions and other community activities in Slack
  • help promote Member blog posts via social media by watching their subject feed
  • write one Facebook post about a syndicated blog/blog post per year
  • share relevant news items/events with the Science Borealis community and Core Team

To learn more about volunteering as a Science Borealis subject editor, contact us at