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Good ingredients for assistive technology

By Naeema Bhyat, Technology & Engineering editor Christian Bagg was looking to get back into mountain biking years after a […]

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Toronto’s ArtSci Salon’s Sept 20, 2023 event: Augmented Self: Can Generative AI be more than just a tool? and North Vancouver’s Polygon Gallery hosts Sept. 24, 2023 Phase Shifting finale event

Toronto I stumbled across this while checking out Toronto’s ArtSci Salon website, from their Augmented Self: Can Generative AI be more than just a tool? event page, Augmented Self: Can Generative AI be more than just a tool? Sept. 20 [2023] 6:00-8:00 @Fields This event is a collaboration between ArtSci Salon and the Quantified Self...

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Register for Science Meets (Canadian) Parliament by October 11, 2023—Virtual information session on September 19, 2023

A September 14, 2023 announcement (received via email) from the Canadian Science Policy Centre includes an invitation to sign up for the 2024 edition of their Science Meets Parliament (SMP) programme, here’s more about the programme from the announcement, Science Meets Parliament (SMP) is a program that works to strengthen the connections between the science...

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Lancement de la session d’automne de l’UPop Montréal

Ayant aujourd’hui une grosse rencontre sur mon livre en préparation et sur lequel je faisais le point la semaine dernière, je me contenterai aujourd’hui de vous signaler le lancement de la session d’automne de l’UPop Montréal, collectif que j’ai le plaisir d’animer avec plusieurs camarades. Il aura lieu mardi le 26 septembre prochain, à 19h,...

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Happy Science Literacy Week! And Also, What IS Science, Anyway?

It’s the most, wonderful tiiiiiime of the year – at least, if you’re a science person! It’s Science Literacy Week! If you’re not familiar, Science Literacy Week is an annual, national celebration of all things science. Universities, libraries, and other organizations all across Canada are offering FREE STEM EVENTS for all ages. Hop on over...

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