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Weapon of mass disruption: How disinformation is fueling political division

By Katie Compton, Policy & Politics editor Like many people, I typically scroll through my social media feeds when I’m […]

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Episode 139: Marrellomorphs

Marrellomorphs are the group of early Paleozoic arthropods that get their name from the well-known Burgess Shale fossil Marrella splendens. They have for a long time been considered to be closely related to the trilobites, based on similarities in their gills, whilst other studies have suggested they could be closer related to mandibulate arthropods (crustaceans,...

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Fellow Creatures: Common Misconceptions about Cats

A new post on my Psych Today blog Fellow Creatures looks at some common misconceptions about cats.Photo: Krysten Merriman/PexelsBy Zazie Todd PhDThis page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you.As my new book, Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy, is published, there...

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Scientists develop a model to reveal wild killer whales’ diets

A new study presented a method to reconstruct killer whales’ diets using the lipid composition of their blubber. By measuring these lipids, called fatty acids, in the killer whales’ fat and those in their potential prey, scientists can estimate the abundance of each prey species in the whales’ diet. This new method may hold the...

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Sylvia McNicoll: What the Author, Now, Knows

Welcome to Cantastic Authorpalooza, featuring posts by and about great Canadian children’s book creators! Today’s guest: Sylvia McNicoll. Take it away, Sylvia! For all the dogs I’ve known in my life, I wrote What the Dog Knows. Such a slow and pleasureful project; it took nearly ten years of revising the story and evolving the...

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