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Pinned: How natural history museums bridge research gaps in space and time

Photo by Alex Proimos

Kris Cu, New Science Communicator Jayme Lewthwaite, a PhD candidate who studies evolutionary biology at Simon Fraser University, enters the […]

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Public Radio covers poetry+science paper

In an audio interview and this edited transcript, Wyoming Public Radio reporter London Homer-Wambeam interviewed me about an art-science integration paper I co-authored. In the peer-reviewed article, Poetry as a Creative Practice to Enhance Engagement and Learning in Conservation Science, co-authors and I point to evidence-based examples of how poetry can be a powerful learning, … Continue reading Public Radio covers poetry+science paper

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Detecting off-target effects of CRISPR gene-editing

In amidst all the hyperbole about CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats), the gene editing technology, you will sometimes find a mild cautionary note. It seems that CRISPR is not as precise as you might think. Some months ago there was a story about research into detecting possible unanticipated (off target) effects from using CRISPR, from an April 19, 2019 news item on ScienceDaily, Since the CRISPR genome editing technology was invented in 2012,…

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Berm Outreach Day: The importance of enhanced non-crop habitat for beneficial insects in intensive agricultural landscapes

by Dillon Muldoon, MSc student Me on one of my newly planted berm research plots. Photo by Jenni Dunning. While driving up highway 400 for that cottage getaway in the Muskokas, you’ll pass by a little slice of Ontario agriculture on some of the darkest soil you’ve ever seen. But be careful: If you blink, you might miss this beautiful place known as the Holland Marsh. Located 50 km north of Toronto, the Holland Marsh…

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Newfoundland Rocks!

This summer I visited Newfoundland. I’d heard lots about its attractions - people, music, scenery, food, icebergs, whales, puffins. But I was surprised at what a world-class fascinating place it is for geology. Gros Morne National Park, on the west coast, is a case in point. One of the landmarks in the area is the Tablelands mountain range, a reddish lump of rock over 700 meters high, and totally barren of plant life.  Part of the…

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BITS – Field of Sound by Fabian Oefner

Fabian Oefner is a Switzerland-based artist whose work includes kinetic installations, photography, and film. In his installation Field of Sound, he explores the interactions between sound and motion, translating sonic waves into mesmerizing movement. “Just like a field of barley waiving in the wind, thousands of illuminated stems move to the sound of music,” he explains. Using a control mechanism hidden at the base of the installation, Field of Sound “captures the ephemeral sound waves…

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