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Why does getting enough sleep matter?

By Dorottya Harangi, Health, Medicine & Veterinary Science co-editor When I was at university, I had friends who pulled all-nighters […]

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Presentation on Didymos Asteroid System Photometric Observations (pre-impact) @Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Toronto

Arushi Nath. Grade 8 Student. Toronto. Arushi Nath On 5 October 2022, I will be delivering a presentation on the photometric observations I have been undertaking on the Didymos asteroid system at the monthly meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Toronto. The presentation, “Photometric observations of Didymos asteroid system before the impact: Using robotic...

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Right Turn: Canada’s biomanufacturing capabilities are growing

After returning from CellCAN’s 2022 Strategic Forum in Ottawa, Ontario, where Canada’s cell and gene therapy biomanufacturing community came together to share information and network, it is clear that the country’s biomanufacturing landscape is improving. As I and many others have written since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis highlighted significant gaps in...

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CSTM 2022: A return to in-person networking & presentations

CSTM 2022: A return to in-person networking & presentations Transfusion Blood Thursday, September 29, 2022 Abby Wolfe This post compiles responses from Canadian Blood Services transfusion medicine fellows Dr. Bryan Tordon (University of Toronto) and Dr. Isabelle Blais-Normandin (University of British Columbia), along with research trainees Kiarra Durand, Wenhui Li, Mahsa Yazdanbakhsh, and Olga Mykhailova,...

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The Bowhead Whale – September 2022

Happy September! After a short summer break, let’s welcome the bowhead whale as our whale of the month! These magnificent baleen whales only reside in the polar waters of the Arctic. They are also the oldest living mammal on earth. Let’s find out more about them! A bowhead whale surfaces in Fram Strait, to the...

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