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What are Canadian climate scientists doing?

CCGS Amundsen

Tristan MacLean, Evidence for Democracy, guest contributor If I look outside my back door, I can see an old thermometer […]

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No flying pigs allowed

Margo Seltzer.Whether it’s databases, AI, fake news, file systems or chamber music, computer scientist Margo Seltzer likes to connect the disparate — while keeping it grounded.You can almost see the ideas bounce around the room when you chat with Margo Seltzer. They zoom, back and forth on interesting tangents. Recently, the UBC computer scientist learned that part of teaching chamber music at UBC means showing musicians how to work effectively as a group. Now Seltzer is wondering…

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Probing the physical limits of plasmons in organic molecules with fewer than 50 atoms

A Sept. 5, 2018  news item on ScienceDaily introduces the work, Rice University [Texas, US] researchers are probing the physical limits of excited electronic states called plasmons by studying them in organic molecules with fewer than 50 atoms. A Sept. 4, 2018 Rice University news release (also on EurekAlert published on Sept. 5, 2018), which originated the news item, explains what plasmons are and why this research is being undertaken, Plasmons are oscillations in the…

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Study reveals large differences at the molecular level between stem cells grown on different biomaterials

This article was first published here. It is reprinted with permission of the Donnelly Centre. Depending on the type of surface they adhere to in a lab dish, stem cells can exhibit vast differences at the molecular level with implications for research and therapy. The genes required for growth and survival of stem cells are influenced by the biomaterials they are cultured on, Donnelly Centre investigators have found. Different substrates, which are used to coat…

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Online Game Advances Neuroscientific Research

Five years ago, I wrote a post in this blog about a website called EyeWire, on which Dr. Sebastian Seung and his laboratory enlisted the help of the general public to colour the extensions (axons and dendrites) of neurons on various thin, sequential slices of nerve tissue. The lab then used the results to reconstruct each neuron in 3D on a computer. Today I want to tell you about the Mozak project, which has the…

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Making Vet Visits Less Stressful is Essential, and Here’s What We Can Do to Help Dogs

Why we should monitor dogs for signs of stress at the vet, and the steps dog owners and veterinary professionals can take to help, according to a new review of the literature.Many people know their dog is afraid of going to the vet. It’s not surprising because a vet visit is very different from the dog’s usual daily experiences, and yet it’s essential for them to get good veterinary care. A new literature review by…

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Two new Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC) at the University of British Columbia (Canada) bring bioproducts and precision medicine skills

This is very fresh news. One of these chairs has not yet been listed (at the time of this writing) as a member of the institute that he will be leading. Here’s the big picture news from an April 17, 2019 University of British Columbia (UBC) news release, Note: Links have been removed, Two internationally recognized researchers join the University of British Columbia as Canada Excellence Research Chairs, bringing international talent in the fields of…

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