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On the trail of the B.C. bat mortality mystery

Half of the 16 bat species in B.C. are either vulnerable or threatened, and ecologists and farmers alike worry about how the loss of these voracious pest control experts will affect our natural and agricultural systems. Dr. Glenna McGregor, a pathologist at the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative, is investigating….

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Tree music

Hidden Life Radio livestreams music generated from trees (their biodata, that is). Kristin Toussaint in her August 3, 2021 article for Fast Company describes the ‘radio station’, Note: Links have been removed, Outside of a library in Cambridge, Massachusetts, an over-80-year-old copper beech tree is making music.As the tree photosynthesizes and absorbs and evaporates water, a solar-powered sensor attached to a leaf measures the micro voltage of all that invisible activity. Sound designer and musician…

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Meet Our Experts: Dr. Jack Zhang, Rare Earth Processing Facility

Dr. Jack Zhang and his team of mineral processing and rare earth experts are making waves in industry with their innovative approach to developing processes for ore beneficiation, separation and hydrometallurgy. Learn more about how Zhang built his mineral processing team from the ground up and what's next for rare earths. Read on.

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Diabetes research in Canada: 100 years later

  2021 marked the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin – a Canadian breakthrough that has saved the lives of countless people with diabetes. It seems only fitting that 100 years later, we take a moment to reflect on how far Canadian diabetes research has come, with a focus on stem cells and regenerative medicine of course! Diabetes is a disorder where the body’s cells are unable to process glucose (sugar) properly. Normally, the…

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Community Engagement in Mining and Energy: From Exploration to Remediation

For mining and energy companies, community engagement is an important component of many projects and sites, from exploration through operation to remediation. Learn why local trust and project understanding are key to successfully working with communities across the life of a project.

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