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Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, Film Review

Phosphorus tailings pond, near Lakeland, Florida. Image courtesy of the Nicholas Metivier Gallery

Jasman Sahota, guest contributor The environment is constantly changing. But to what extent is the environment shaped by human activities? […]

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Time to Let the Kids Lead – and Follow Them!

Image by Goran Horvat from PixabayBy Claire EamerIn 2001, I went to work for the Northern Climate ExChange at Yukon College in Whitehorse. I was the Yukon coordinator of the now-defunct Canadian Climate Impacts and Adaptation Research Network (C-CIARN). My job was to help climate change researchers communicate and work with each other across disciplines and geographic barriers.(Most scientists are not too good at talking to scientists in other fields, let alone to people outside…

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The Rational Roots Theorem

One of the skills students learn in secondary school is to factor quadratic expressions. In particular, they learn how to solve equations like x2+2x+1=0. There are a slew of techniques one can use to deal with quadratics, and they mostly rely on the fact that questions asked in assignments and tests have “nice” factorizations. Most expressions have integer solutions, or at worst rational ones. This makes it straightforward to factor. Of course, this might take…

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Bendable phones that are partially organic

It’s been about nine  or 10 years since I first heard about bendable phones (my September 29, 2010 posting). The concept keeps popping up from time to time (my April 25, 2017 posting) and this time, we have Australian scientists to thank for this latest work described in an October 5, 2018 news item on Nanowerk (Note: A link has been removed), Engineers at ANU [Australian National University] have invented a semiconductor with organic and…

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Canadian Blood Services’ scientist recognized for his mentorship of graduate students

Canadian Blood Services’ scientist recognized for his mentorship of graduate students Transplantation Organs and Tissues Plasma Stem Cells Transfusion Blood Wednesday, May 22, 2019 Dr. Geraldine Walsh Congratulations to Canadian Blood Services' Dr. Jason Acker, who was awarded the University of Alberta Graduate Students’ Association Graduate Student Supervisor Award at a ceremony on March 22, 2019. This award recognizes "those faculty members who excel in the supervision of graduate students”. What makes this award even…

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Invitation to the 2019 Train for Rewards Blog Party

Join the pet blogging community in supporting reward-based training of dogs, cats, and other companion animals. #Train4RewardsAre you a blogger? Do you support reward-based training for dogs and other animals? Would you like to take part in the fourth annual #Train4Rewards blog party?You are invited to write a blog post about reward-based training of dogs or other companion animals, post it on your own blog on the set date, then come and share a link…

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