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Did anyone see STEVE last night?

By Nada Salem, Physics & Astronomy editor On dark Alberta nights, far away from the man-made glare of street lights […]

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Webinar: Managing Alberta’s Forests to Achieve Undisturbed Habitat Conditions

The Alberta Regional Caribou Knowledge Partnership is pleased to be hosting a free webinar, presented by Dr. Steve Wilson of EcoLogic Research, May 31, 11 am MST. Register here. Abstract Federal recovery strategies for woodland caribou do not provide guidance on when suitable caribou habitat, after being disturbed by anthropogenic activities, should again be considered...

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Countdown to CSTM 2024: A return to the “City of Bridges”

Countdown to CSTM 2024: A return to the “City of Bridges” Transplantation Organs and Tissues Plasma Stem Cells Transfusion Blood Thursday, May 16, 2024 Dr. Bill Sheffield The Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine (CSTM) annual conference, held in partnership with Canadian Blood Services and Héma-Québec, is taking place May 23-26 in Saskatoon. Each year, the...

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Quand les manchots ont la vie (encore plus) dure

Par Émile Brisson Curadeau, étudiant au doctorat à  l’Université de McGill et l’Université de La Rochelle Les manchots ou Sphéniscidés (qui ont aussi leur propre ordre, Sphénisciforme), sont si uniques et emblématiques qu’ils sont connus de tous, même si peu de gens ont réellement la chance de les voir. Ce sont, parmi les oiseaux, les...

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