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Scientists look billions of years into the past to learn about our future

By Nada Salem, Physics & Astronomy editor Few events mark the beginning of a new age in astronomy the way […]

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Global Bio Summit 2023: Learning from Nature using Neurons and Logic Gates

Arushi Nath. Grade 8 Student. The Bio Summit is a global community of Do-It-Yourself biologists, biohackers, biomakers and members of community laboratories. It has been coming together annually since 2017 to share, discuss, collaborate and frame the future of independent research in the life sciences. This year, the 6th Global Community Bio Summit was held...

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My most heterodox scientific-writing lecture (or, how I annoy my colleagues in a good cause)

I’m well into my Scientific Writing course now, and I’ve just given the lecture that consistently annoys my faculty colleagues the most (well, it annoys many of them). It’s the one on writing the Methods section, and it’s heterodox in two rather different ways. This lecture stands out a bit – I don’t think my...

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Summer URA Position

Join our lab this summer! We are currently recruiting a senior undergrad student to help develop and evaluate a model of seafood fraud. We’re looking for students who are curious to expand their statistical and computational knowledge and experience. Our lab is an interdisciplinary lab comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as communityContinue...

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Synaptic transistors for brainlike computers based on (more environmentally friendly) graphene

An August 9, 2022 news item on ScienceDaily describes research investigating materials other than silicon for neuromorphic (brainlike) computing purposes, Computers that think more like human brains are inching closer to mainstream adoption. But many unanswered questions remain. Among the most pressing, what types of materials can serve as the best building blocks to unlock...

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