Workshops & Programs

Science Borealis provides exposure, platforms and training to help science communicators share stories about Canadian science. We work with our experienced writers and editors to provide hands-on training opportunities for new and emerging science communicators.

Pitch & Polish Program

A hands-on mentorship program to elevate your science blogging skills. 

In this 10-week program, cohorts of 4-10 students team up with experienced industry mentors to pitch, draft, and polish a blog post for publication on the Borealis Blog. Students will receive pitch feedback as well as three rounds of one-on-one editorial feedback on their submissions. Their final draft will be professionally proofed and edited to ensure they can proudly add their post to their portfolio.

To find out more about the Pitch & Polish Program (including fees and schedule), download our program guide. You can also contact Alice Fleerackers at for more information.

Note: Pitch & Polish is available to writers who have received previous science communication training and are under the supervision of an instructor or program coordinator. Management and some editorial tasks are shared between the Science Borealis mentor and participants’ instructor/coordinator.

Custom Workshops & Webinars

Expert training for new and emerging science communicators. 

We work with organizations to build customized training opportunities in digital science communication that are tailored to your members’ needs. Workshops and webinars vary in duration, topic, and format, and can be adapted to meet learners’ level of experience and learning styles. 

To set up your own custom workshop or webinar, please contact Alice Fleerackers at


Here’s what past participants have to say about Science Borealis’s training opportunities:  

“I had never written for such a broad audience and I learned a lot about the writing and editing processes. Also it was awesome to be able to collaborate with professionals!”

“I enjoyed the editing process: there was great communication back and forth between myself and the editor, which made me feel a lot more comfortable about the idea of publishing my writing.”

“The guidance was incredibly helpful. It Made me pay a lot more attention to who my audience was and helped my piece be more accessible to the general public.”