Our Team

Meet our Board of Directors

John Dupuis (2014–present)
John Dupuis has been a science and engineering librarian at the Steacie Science and Engineering Library at York University in Toronto since August 2000. John received a B. Comp. Sci. from Concordia University in 1986, after which he worked as a software developer for 12 years before leaving to get his Master of Library and Information Studies degree from McGill University (2000). He blogs at Confessions of a Science Librarian and keeps track of issues in Canadian science policy on Tumblr. His research and professional interests include the future of academic libraries, open access advocacy, scholarly communications in computer science, and Canadian science policy.

Sarah Boon (2016–present)

Sarah Boon is a science writer and editor based on Vancouver Island. She has a PhD in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Alberta. She spent seven years as an environmental science professor before returning to her writing and editing roots. She writes about academic culture, women in science, nature, and the environment. She has been published in print at Outpost, BC Forest Professional, and iPolitics, and online at Canadian Science Publishing, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and the Canadian Science Writers’ Association. She has forthcoming work at CBC’s The Nature of Things, Terrain.org, and the University of Alberta’s Science Contours. Sarah is a co-founder of Science Borealis and was formerly the Editorial Manager (2013–2015) and Earth & Environmental Science Editor (2013–2016). You can find her at Watershed Moments or on Twitter (@SnowHydro).

Former BoD members

Hannah Hoag (2014–2020)
Hannah Hoag is a freelance journalist based in Toronto. She has Master’s degree in Biology from McGill University and graduated from Boston University with a Master’s in Science and Medical Journalism in 2002. Her writing has appeared in many publications including NatureNew ScientistDiscoverSeed, Wired, Canadian Geographic, Globe and Mail, Toronto StarMontreal Gazette, and the Canadian Medical Association Journal. She has also written for YES Magazine (a kids’ science magazine) and contributed to Free Radicals, a weekly radio program broadcast on CKUT in Montreal.  Hannah served on the board of the Canadian Science Writers’ Association from 2007 to 2012, and has mentored students in science writing at McGill University. She delivers talks on careers in science writing and on better science communication. Hannah blogs at hannahhoag.net and the Science Writer’s Handbook http://pitchpublishprosper.com/

Chris Buddle (2014–2016)
Chris Buddle is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean at McGill University’s Macdonald Campus. His research program is centered on understanding patterns of insect and spider biodiversity, with a focus on Arctic ecosystems. He teaches environmental biology students about field biology, ecology and entomology.  Chris is an enthusiastic and devoted science communicator and blogs frequently on McGill’s teaching and learning blog and on his own blog, Expiscor, on SciLogs. He is devoted to science outreach activities, and is always happy to share his passion for science whether it be on the radio, in elementary schools or at an entomology conference.

Meet our Core Team

Core Management Team:

  • Kimberly Moynahan (Co-founder)
  • Sarah Boon (Co-founder, Director, Core Team liaison to the Board)
  • Jenny Ryan (Co-founder, BoD Secretary)
  • Tanya Samman (Treasurer)
  • Catherine Dale (New Science Communicator Program Manager)
  • Mike Spear (Co-founder, Genome Alberta sponsor representative, and Business Development and Strategy Lead)
  • Theresa Liao (Co-founder, Technology Lead)
  • Marie Imber (Volunteer Resources Manager)
  • Sarah Lyons (Administrator)

Outreach Team: The outreach team engages our #cdnsci #scicomm #sciart #SciBorNetwork community through various online channels, including Twitter, Facebook, our Mailchimp newsletter, and beyond. For more information or to inquire about joining the outreach team, email outreach@scienceborealis.ca.

  • Outreach Manager: Tristan MacLean
  • Membership Coordinator: Liz Martin-Silverstone
  • Social Media Team: Anik Brazeau, Clara Deck, Emily Hart, Jagpreet Kaur, Ki-Youn Kim, and Julia Thompson
  • Newsletter Team: Tyler Irving (Newsletter Manager), Raymond Nakamura
  • #SciArt Team: Raymond Nakamura

Editorial Team: Science Borealis is more than an aggregator. Our editorial team carefully curates and crafts features and posts on the Science Borealis blog. For more information or to inquire about joining the editorial team, email: editors@scienceborealis.ca.

Additional members of our founding team:

  • Maryse de la Giroday
  • Mary Seligy


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