How to submit

Science Borealis welcomes new bloggers! If you’d like your blog feed to be included in Science Borealis, follow the steps below.

Our Submission Process

  1. Register with the site (mandatory for blog submission; your Science Borealis user name is required to complete the Submission Form)
  2. Review the Code of Conduct, Acceptance Criteria, and Technical Requirements
  3. Review the Blog Categories to see where your site fits in
  4. Submit your blog using our Submission Form

What Happens After You Submit

One or more editors will review your application and visit your site to make sure it meets the Science Borealis criteria, and that you’ve selected the most appropriate blog categories.

Within a few days of your submission, you’ll receive an email with their decision.  If your blog is accepted, the feed will be added to the site, and you’ll be sent a Science Borealis Badge for your blog, showing you’re a member of Science Borealis.

If your site is not accepted, an editor will email you and explain the reason.

Working With Our Editors

Our editors are committed to making Science Borealis the go-to destination for quality science blogging in Canada, and a welcoming place for our member science bloggers.

As such, we will do our best to ensure that you are always dealing with a real person here at Science Borealis. We will happily answer your emails, and take your suggestions into account when making editorial decisions.

If you disagree with our selection decision or other editorial matters, please contact the appropriate editor(s).  Please remember that our editors are volunteers, donating their time above and beyond their full-time commitments – be courteous and respect their time and availability.

What If Your Site is Rejected?

  • If your site is rejected for inclusion in the Science Borealis blog feed, your first step is to address all of the issues stated in your rejection email.
  • If your site did not meet our technical requirements, please see Technical Requirements or Help for further information.
  • If your blog did not meet our Criteria, please make the necessary changes before reapplying or contacting the editors.
  • If you believe that your site was rejected without merit, please email the editor and politely make your case. Based on your explanation and details provided, the editors may elect to reconsider their decision.
  • If the editors reject your blog after reconsideration, please do not re-apply until your blog meets the Science Borealis criteria.

Thanks for your interest in joining Science Borealis!