Our logo

The Science Borealis logo was designed by Charles Bourne, a graduate of the University of King’s College History of Science and Technology programme (2012). Charles currently splits his time between Halifax and Vienna, Austria, where he attended a short internship at the International Atomic Energy Agency in 2012. He does  freelance design work, photography, and editing. Visit his online portfolio.


Science Borealis Logo (by C. Bourne, 2013)

This one is playful and definitely the most interesting of the bunch. The squiggly “s” representing the borealis is quite inspired – I wouldn’t change it. The bold design will work for many applications and it looks great in black and white. This is my first choice.” (Judging panel member)

This spirited design was selected from a number of fantastic designs submitted to our summer 2013 contest. The winner and two runners-up received prizes supplied by Genome Alberta and Canadian Science Publishing.

The selection process was a difficult one; these talented designers have a passion for science that can’t go unrecognized.

First runner-up: Lisa Liskovoi is a graphic designer/graduate student/science-communicator-in-the-making, who is currently studying at Ryerson University in Toronto with a focus on graphic design and video editing. Lisa also works as a freelance graphic designer working mainly with not-for-profit organizations. Lisa looks forward to working more with companies dealing with science communication, as that type of work bridges the gap between her academic and creative skills.

Second runner-up: Robert Aboukhalil is a computational biologist by day; by night, he is an entrepreneur, web developer, science communicator and avid reader. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in computational biology at Cold Spring Harbor Lab and is the Editor-in-Chief of Technophilic, a sci/tech magazine where contributors share their knowledge, ideas and projects. View Robert’s portfolio.

Judges: Our panel of judges included Raymond Nakamura, science blogger, exhibit content developer for Science World, and webcomic artist extraordinaire; Christina Keng, seasoned graphic designer and past winner of the University of Cambridge – Centre of Public Law logo design contest; and Janice Whitehead, publisher PREVIEW: The Gallery Guide and a professional graphic designer.