(Open) Volunteer for Science Borealis



As a Volunteer Resource Manager you will join a dynamic team of volunteer science bloggers, editors, social media and outreach professionals, team leaders and an experienced management team—all committed to sharing and amplifying Canadian science.

Job Description

  • Location – Remote
  • Time Commitment – 2-4 hours / week
  • Duration – 1 year renewable term (after 30-day trial)
  • Remuneration: This is a volunteer position

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  • We have openings for Subject Editors in:
    • Communications, Education & Outreach
    • Physics & Astronomy
    • Health, Medicine & Veterinary Sciences
    • Math & Statistics

Join Canada’s hottest science blogging community!

Working in pairs or alone, Borealis Blog Subject Editors cover the 12 subject categories of the Science Borealis syndicated feed. As a Subject Editor, you will join a dynamic team of seasoned and emerging science bloggers, skilled editors, and experienced journalists—all here to help you hone your science-communication and -writing skills.

We offer professional development through online workshops, peer-coaching and collaboration, and professional editing of your work. At the same time, your posts on the Borealis Blog will become part of your online portfolio.

Duties include:

  1. Pitching, writing, and polishing a Borealis Blog post related to your subject in weekly rotation with the other Subject Editors (approx. every 12-15 weeks)
  2. Helping promote Member blog posts via social media by watching your subject feed.
  3. Reviewing blogs submitted for syndication in your subject category for appropriateness.  
  4. Sharing relevant news items/events with the Science Borealis community and Core Team.
  5. Taking part in online pitch sessions, workshops, and peer-discussions as time and your schedule permits.
  6. Taking part in other Science Borealis initiatives as time permits.
  7. Familiarity with the Canadian science and/or science communication community.


  • Time: Approximately 1-2 hours per week, plus the time it takes to pitch, research, write, and polish your posts.
  • Duration: We ask that our bloggers commit to us for a six-month renewable period, following a one-month trial period.

If you are here because we have advertised a specific opening, email us at volunteer@scienceborealis.ca and introduce yourself. Please include your CV or a link to your online profile. Put [ Application for [role] ] in the subject line of your email.

Our roster of bloggers changes frequently, so we welcome inquiries for any of our subject categories. Email volunteer@scienceborealis.ca to tell us what interests you. 

  •  Biology & Life Sciences
  •  Chemistry
  •  Communication, Education & Outreach
  •  Environmental & Earth Sciences
  •  Health, Medicine & Veterinary Science
  •  Mathematics & Statistics
  •  Multimedia
  •  Physics & Astronomy
  •  Policy & Politics
  •  Technology & Engineering

Students: If you are in a science communication or other program and have opportunity to get credit for this work, let us know: we will work with your school if we have a suitable position available.

Employees: Some companies provide small grants to employees who donate their time; others allow employees to donate a few work hours a week to a non-profit as a form of sponsorship. If you’d like to volunteer for us under such an arrangement, let us know. If we have a suitable position for you, we will work with your employer.

We are always interested to hear from people who have skills they can share with us. If you have science communications, blogging, WordPress, tech, or social media skills you would like to share with us, email us at  volunteer@scienceborealis.ca, and tell us a bit about yourself.

Note: Science Borealis is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit corporation.