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A Q&A with The Atlantic’s Ed Yong 

By Erin Zimmerman, Co-editor, Science in Society Following his recent keynote address at the Canadian Society of Microbiology conference in […]

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Queen’s University researcher studies power of music in veterans’ health

Kip Pegley knows what kind of impact music can have on people’s lives. As an associate professor of musicology and ethnomusicology, the power of music is all around her. In her current research, the Queen’s University researcher is looking at the role that music plays within the lives of Canadian Forces personnel, in particular those who have been deployed and returned to Canada, including those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). What she has found…

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Ces nombreux événements sans lesquels nous ne serions pas là pour en parler

Comme je l’expliquais la semaine dernière, je vous propose cette semaine un premier billet sur mon cours de la semaine à l’université du troisième âge (UTA), le premier d’une série de huit. Cette séance débute par un bref aperçu des différentes disciplines des sciences dites « cognitives », c’est-à-dire qui s’intéressent à la pensée et à la connaissance humaine au sens large (philosophie, psychologie, neuroscience, linguistique, informatique, anthropologie, etc.). Cela fait à peine quelques décennies…

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As a ball is thrown up in the air, it starts by moving up before slowing to a temporary stop,…

As a ball is thrown up in the air, it starts by moving up before slowing to a temporary stop, changing direction, and falling back down, all the while undergoing constant acceleration in the downward direction. But, questions abound. (What happens to the acceleration at the top of the ball’s arc?) Therefore, our discussion in class was extended by a bit.

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Shortlisted for Canada’s Favourite Science Blog

Companion  Animal Psychology is shortlisted for the People's Choice Award: Canada's Favourite Science Blog. Vote for your favourites!I am thrilled to have been short-listed for the People's Choice Award: Canada's Favourite Science Blog.You can see the shortlist and vote here on the Science Borealis website. Voters can select their three favourite blogs and three favourite science websites (so you have six votes in total). It's a great way to show support for your favourite science sites…

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Math-based street art at Art Rapture in Vancouver, Canada; a mathematics lecture in Toronto; and Science Literacy Week in Canada

This is another one of my roundups. The focus is mostly mathematics. Art Rapture 2017 September 22 – 23, 2017 Mark Ollinger claims to be presenting math-influenced street art at Vancouver’s 2017 Art Rapture in a Sept. 12, 2017 article by Joanna Riquett for the Daily Hive, … Tell us about your style, how would you describe it?  My work is very much based in mathematics, I come up with what I would call formulas…

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