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Residencies for the science-minded artist

Raymond's Brain 2018

Katrina Vera Wong and Raymond Nakamura, Multi-media co-editors Melding art and science can be challenging, and often requires specialized knowledge, […]

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Not Necessary

In mathematics, the terms “necessary” and “sufficient” have technical meanings. These terms come about when looking at two statements P and Q. If we say that P is sufficient for Q, then that means if P is true, Q automatically has to be true (P implies Q). On the other hand, if P is only necessary for Q, having P be true doesn’t mean Q has to be true (but the other way works, so…

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Fellow Creatures: A New Post

I have a new post at my Psychology Today blog Fellow Creatures about a study that looked at whether a dog walking program has benefits for people with intellectual disabilities who live in supported housing.The results of this exploratory study found there were more friendly interactions with other people when a dog was present. Read more here.Photo: dawnie206/Pixabay

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044 – Vaccines and CRISPR Babies

  The boys end up in the jungle with varying degrees of immunological protection and Chris subdues a jungle cat. So what are the arguments against vaccination and are they warranted? They discuss arguments like better sanitation, Big Pharma conspiracies, aborted fetuses, autism, chemical preservatives and "too many, too soon". In a surprising twist, the Catholic Church comes to their defence. Also: Jacob Meza sees a big difference in how young and old people view…

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Effective games from spatial structure

For the last week, I’ve been at the Institute Mittag-Leffler of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for their program on mathematical biology. The institute is a series of apartments and a grand mathematical library located in the suburbs of Stockholm. And the program is a mostly unstructured atmosphere — with only about 4 hours of seminars over the whole week — aimed to bring like-minded researchers together. It has been a great opportunity to…

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Partners In Research: More Than A Code Monkey

I’d like to once again thank Partners In Research for inviting me to take part in this year’s Hour Of Code. I’d also like to thank all of the students in all of the classrooms from across the country that tuned in to the live webinar. It was a lot of fun and hopefully theContinue reading "Partners In Research: More Than A Code Monkey"

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Of Mammoths and Men

In lab meeting this week, we somehow got on the topic of how scientists are close to resurrecting the wooly mammoth. Well, at least they’ve successfully inserted mammoth DNA into their closest living relatives, the Asian elephant. Mammoths started walking the Earth around 2.5 million years ago and went extinct ~10,000 years ago in most... Continue Reading →

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