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Volkswagen looks to leave the Dieselgate debacle in the dust

VWs over time

Sri Ray-Chauduri, Technology and Engineering Editor  Earlier this year Volkswagen dealers in Canada and the US began selling retrofitted updates […]

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Dr. Wei Lu and bio-inspired ‘memristor’ chips

It’s been a while since I’ve featured Dr. Wei Lu’s work here. This April  15, 2010 posting features Lu’s most relevant previous work.) Here’s his latest ‘memristor’ work , from a May 22, 2017 news item on Nanowerk (Note: A link has been removed), Inspired by how mammals see, a new “memristor” computer circuit prototype at the University of Michigan has the potential to process complex data, such as images and video orders of magnitude,…

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Did We Evolve to Love Dogs?

Is part of the reason dogs manage to wrap their paws around our hearts because we're predisposed to love them?Guest post by Kristi Benson CTC."...a tendency in people to seek relationships with the natural world." Photo: Paddlepooch (Shutterstock).Biophilia means, simply put, a focus on life and living things. Some researchers would even say it’s a love of living things. It has been used to refer to a tendency in people to seek relationships with the…

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Searching for the Gray Jay

With Canada’s 150th birthday around the corner, Dispatches from the Field is excited to welcome back Emily Williams to talk about her adventures in Alaska searching for Canada’s national bird, the Gray Jay. For more on why the Gray Jay was chosen for Canada’s bird, check out the Canadian Geographic article. For more about Emily, see her bio at the end of this post! The last time I had to do a river crossing to…

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Shelf Life Webseries

Today a post on an interesting video series which is produced by the American Museum of Natural History. I have to admit I wasn't aware of it at all until a few days ago when the newest episode on cryptic species was shared with me:The web series Shelf Life highlights different aspects of the museums work and is certainly not the only one out there which is produced my the museum itself. The Smithsonian e.g.…

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Would A White Dwarf Outlive A Neutron Star?

This is an interesting question, because most of the time when we talk about the lifetime of a star, we mean the part before the creation of a white dwarf or a neutron star.  Typically, a star has a “lifetime”…Read the full article on Forbes!Have your own question? Feel free to ask! Or submit your questions via the sidebar, Facebook, or twitter.Sign up for the mailing list for updates & news straight to your inbox!

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Citizen engagement: a discussion about brain-machine interfaces and nanotechnology

A May 22, 2017 news item on Nanowerk describes the outcome of a recent citizen engagement event held in Paris (France) on the topic of brain-machine interfaces (Note: A link has been removed), In April [2017], Nano2All, a EU Horizon 2020 [a multi-year European science funding programme] project, organized a citizen dialogue on the role of nanotechnologies in the field of brain-machine interfaces. The dialogue scenario included a short introduction, the building of a ‘future…

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SU2C Announces $10 Million for Translational Cancer Research

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) is inviting proposals for a new $10 million Dream Team of top scientific investigators searching for new strategies to prevent or treat cancer, the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), SU2C’s Scientific Partner, announced recently. Unlike other Dream Team grants offered by SU2C in recent years that focused on specific types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer or lung cancer, the new $10 million grant is open to any type…

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