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It can be hard to think of the right gift for that special someone, so Science Borealis is here to […]

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The Hobbit Blu-Rays – Theatrical or Extended?

On Cyber Monday, Amazon informed me that The Hobbit Extended Edition trilogy was deeply discounted on Blu-Ray. I nearly bought it… and then I had second thoughts. I have The Lord of the Rings Extended Trilogy on Blu-Ray, and when it comes to purchasing a series, I’m in favour of consistency*. But I’m honestly torn on whether extending The Hobbit trilogy was a good idea. For LOTR, there’s no doubt in my mind that extended is better. There was so much in the books that wouldn’t fit into the theatrical cut of the films, and consequently, the extended editions offer more depth […] The post The Hobbit Blu-Rays – Theatrical or Extended? appeared first on L. E. Carmichael.

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Protecting the Canadian Galapagos

“Our culture is born of respect, and intimacy with the land and sea and the air around us. Like the forests, the roots of our people are intertwined such that the greatest troubles cannot overcome us. We owe our existence to Haida Gwaii. The living generation accepts the responsibility to ensure that our heritage is passed on to following generations.”                                       -Council of the Haida Nation One common theme in posts on this blog is you really get to know a place intimately. This is certainly true – but if you’re lucky, not only do you get to fully explore the outdoor habitats where the fieldwork is taking place, you also get a chance to immerse yourself in a different culture. When I first started my master’s, I gave a talk about my…

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Friday Fun: Scooby Doo Team Expose Climate Change Tricksters

Somehow this post from News Biscuit seems even more relevant now than when it was intially published back in August. Of course, we all shudder to think who will be under that ghostly costume, orange hair, Alaska plaid, Brietbart ball cap and all. Scooby Doo Team Expose Climate Change Tricksters A two-man, two-woman, one-Great Dane team of young Americans has exposed the belief that the Earth is heading towards widespread famine and ecological disaster, as the work of a scheming fraudster. Team leader Fred explained that they were passing through Central London in their VW camper van when a recent copy of the Daily Express alerted them to a mystery. Despite increasing talk about global warming, recent winters have often been quite cold. ‘We suspected there might be something odd going on, so we split into two teams,’ Fred told reporters. ‘Me, Daphne and Velma looked in the basement at…

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A glimpse into the Global Malaise Trap Program

from original publicationThese results illustrate how a comprehensive DNA barcode reference library can identify unknown specimens, but also reveal how this potential is constrained by gaps in the quantity and quality of records in BOLD, especially for Hymenoptera and Diptera. As voucher specimens are available for morphological study, we invite taxonomic experts to assist in the identification of unnamed BINs.This is taken from an abstract of a new paper that came out yesterday in the Biodiversity Data Journal. It involves data collected as part of the so called Global Malaise Trap program which is an international collaboration between the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics and a number of international partners. The program started in 2012 and represents the a first attempt at the acquisition of detailed temporal and spatial information on terrestrial arthropod communities across the globe. Malaise traps are deployed over an entire season in order to obtain tissue material and subsequently…

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